Our Staff

  • Charles-circle

    Dr. Charles M. Proctor, M.D.

    Dr. Proctor, originally from Conway, SC, is a comprehensive ophthalmologist specializing in advanced cataract surgery. He holds a Bachelor's degree from Coastal Carolina University and a Doctor of Medicine from the Medical University of South Carolina. With an internship in General Surgery and a residency in Ophthalmology at MUSC, he pursued further training in urgent eye care and ocular trauma surgery at the Storm Eye Institute. Dr. Proctor's exceptional commitment to teaching and patient care has earned him prestigious awards. As a member of several professional organizations, he's contributed through publications and presentations, upholding a legacy of patient-centered excellence.

  • George-circle

    Dr. George N. Magrath, III, M.D.

    Dr. George Magrath, a board-certified ophthalmologist, cares for patients with various eye conditions, including cataracts, glaucoma, and eye cancers. A South Carolina native, he completed his medical training at the Medical University of South Carolina, with specialized training in eye cancers at Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia. Dr. Magrath is dedicated to patient care excellence and contributes to clinical research, emphasizing safe, advanced surgical procedures. As a Professor of Ophthalmology, he's committed to shaping the future of eye care, offering warm, knowledgeable, and meticulous care to all, making him a trusted and compassionate physician in a team focused on providing excellent care.

  • Saujanya-circle

    Dr. Saujanya Vadoothker, M.D.

    Dr. Vadoothker, a board-certified ophthalmologist and medical cornea specialist, completed her training in ophthalmology at the Krieger Eye Institute in Baltimore, MD, and a cornea fellowship at the University of Maryland Medical Center. With a background in Biomedical Engineering, she's a skilled surgeon specializing in cataract surgery and medical cornea conditions. Dr. Vadoothker is an active member of professional organizations, contributing to discussions on the latest treatments and patient care. She's dedicated to delivering compassionate, personalized care, utilizing advanced intraocular lens technology and surgical best practices to ensure her patients achieve the best possible vision outcomes.

  • Jenna-circle

    Dr. Jenna Benson, M.D.

    Dr. Benson, a board-certified ophthalmologist, specializes in cataract surgery and has practiced in coastal South Carolina for years. She earned her medical degree from Wake Forest University School of Medicine and completed her residency at Wake Forest Eye Center. With a Bachelor's degree in Biology and Neuroscience, Dr. Benson offers comprehensive ophthalmology services, including YAG capsulotomies and laser iridotomies. She's passionate about minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS) and reducing global cataract blindness through mission work in Central and South America and Rwanda.